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** Operator: Yves **

on4lgy on4lgy on4lgy on4lgy

QRZ callsign lookup:
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I am active on 160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 6 meter bands and VHF and UHF. Also active as DMR station. DMR-ID: 2068053

Also QRV on C4FM and node is linked to the YSF fusion network.

Please find the Dashboard of my node (update rate = hourly):

ON4LGY node

Please find my YSF reflector (test environment):

ON4LGY YSF reflector

QRZ link to My callsign

Web-SDR is ideal for remote listening and experimental testing of HAM experiments.

WebSDR is available tuned to ON0LG 145.650 Mhz



Please find the most interesting Web-SDR near the region of LIEGE Belgium.

1. Weert (at +/- 85 km) Weert Web-SDR

2. IJsselstein (at +/- 200 km) IJsselstein Web-SDR

3. Twente (at +/- 265 km) Twente Web-SDR

4. Heppen (at +/- 67 km) Heppen Web-SDR

And MORE++ Web-SDR on: MORE+++ Web-SDR

Propagation info:

on4lgy on4lgy on4lgy

Best 73's, Yves

Please find my last QSO's:

Please find the DMR Dashboard (BELGIUM):

DMR Dashboard Belgium

Please find the YSF Wallonie Dashboard:

C4FM Fusion Dashboard Wallonie

Please find the DMR Dashboard (ALL):

DMR Dashboard All

Please find some broadcast radio:

Offshore Music Radio

Please find the last visitors of this page on my Raspberry PI (update rate = 1 hourly):